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Checkered Socks "We are excited to bring you our Inspyr Apparel Sock Collection featured in our Winter 2014 Catalog. At Inspyr, we believe that with honest hard word, positivity, and kindness you can achieve anything! Our socks are a daily reminder that all of us have the confidence and the courage within ourselves to reach out and take control of our dreams."
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Work Hard, Play Hard, and Imagine!

Hard Work: What’s the Big Deal? If you read our blogs regularly, you already know that we’re pretty passionate about hard work. As far as we’re concerned, hard work is a vital part of achievement, and without investing the time and effort to do something properly, chances are that you simply won’t achieve your goal.
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Confidence: Top Tips to Boost Your Self-Confidence Today!

“With confidence, you have won before you have started.” – Marcus Garvey, political leader.
How many times do you hear people telling you to ‘be confident’? It’s common advice that we give one another and often, the term ‘confidence’ is used without thinking about exactly what confidence is, and how we can achieve it in our own lives.
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Earn it! How to make work more satisfying...

Are you one of those people who really doesn’t enjoy their work? Don’t worry; you’re by no means alone. Last year, according to an extensive survey by the Conference Board Research Group, only 45% of Americans described themselves as happy at work. The remaining 55%? Apparently depressed by their jobs, and crippled by a sense of entrapment, of being caught in a role they neither like or value.
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Small Acts of Kindness make a Big Difference

When we were small, we really loved Aesop’s fables. Perhaps a younger audience reading this might not know what we’re talking about, so for those who aren’t familiar, Aesop was a storyteller from Ancient Greece, who told stories that were designed to teach people about morals and about doing the right thing.
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The Importance of Pride

... Pride Inside…
You might have noticed that one of our designs features the phrase ‘pride inside’. Of all our inspirational sock designs, this is perhaps the one that has aroused the most discussion. A young guy approached us recently and asked us outright: ‘but isn’t pride considered a sin?’
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